The Amazing Race

Last Friday we decided to change up homeschool for the kids and do a scavenger hunt around Mahajanga.  What a great way for the kids to practice their Malagasy and learn the town.  The two missionary women living in the guesthouse joined in too.  We divided into three teams and gave each kid a list of tasks. 

The three teams:

The tasks range from simple - take a picture of an animal, of which Madagascar is teeming - to the more difficult - travel to the local clothing market and find something to buy.  The kids had to do all the talking and pay all expenses from money given.  

We travelled by bajaj (or tuk-tuk) to the first stop - the Frip - a local clothes market where they had to photograph a funny shirt and find something to buy.  Joanna snapped a quick picture of ubiquitous zebu on the way.

Next stop was the local supermarket to buy a snack and another bajaj ride to the open air market for a picture with the women from whom we buy vegetables every week.  Then we had to go to another grocery store for water.

The last leg of the race took us by pouse-pouse to the famous Mahajanga Baobab tree for a team selfie and mad dash to the finish line by bajaj.  We spotted one of the other teams ahead of us during the pouse-pouse ride. (can you spot them??)  So we had to call in the big guns and get a replacement driver/puller. 

The finish line was a favorite hotel for yummy lunch and a dip in the pool after all the hard work.  Congrats to all three kids for a job well done!