Schooling for Our Kids

The kids learning to freehand draw Africa.  

The kids learning to freehand draw Africa.  

One of the more frequent questions we get asked is what our kids will be doing for school when we are in Madagascar.  Many career missionaries in Madagascar send their kids to a private French school.  This option does not make sense for our kids since we will be in the country for only 1 year and our kids are in older grades (6th, 4th, and 2nd).  Therefore, we have decided to homeschool our kids using Classical Conversations curriculum plus a math program supplement for each kid.

I love lists!  So here is a list of the wonderful and practical learning opportunities we will all have in addition to the curriculum we will be taking:

  1. Anthropology - learning a whole new culture!  Did you know that it is polite to arrive at someones home for dinner unannounced?  Not only is it polite, it is expected!
  2. Language - Malagasy is the language used for everyday living and what we will be learning.
  3. Science - hands on experiments with plants, trees, and seeds through Eden Projects!
  4. Math - converting US dollars to Ariary or Malagasy Francs.  Competitions on who can kill the largest number of mosquitoes for mommy :).
  5. Geography - Our kids will always be able to locate the 4th largest island on a globe.
  6. Mud Baths - not much opportunity for this one in Santa Barbara!
  7. Relationship building - we can't wait to get to know our new neighbors!
  8. And many more...

Josh and I are so excited to spend more time with our kids by schooling them in our Malagasy home.  Many known and unknown experiences await all of our family members which will broaden our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical knowledge.  It will be a year full of learning!